Pulse Sound Effects

Designed for immersive visual storytelling

A sound library curated for the modern day filmmaker or content creator.

A bold, versatile and captivating collection of sounds.

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Makes Us Feel

Sound is a universal language. It propels us. Drives us. Makes us feel.  

With Pulse, we wanted to sonically capture tension and release in as many ways as possible. Whatever you are trying to evoke in your film or commercial, these sounds are a way to instantly add depth and emphasis to your visual storytelling.

What is Included?

-510 digitally created sounds and live recordings

-WAV & MP3 file formats   

-7 Distinct categories for seamless workflow 

-4 Styles within each of the categories 

7 Distinct Categories

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Absolutely seamless to work with, endless possibilities.

Valentyn Syenin

Really love the 4 styles included, makes it easy to create the vibe I'm looking for.

Robert Hill

Sound is a fundamental key to my productions. Thank you for capturing exactly what I needed.

Morgan Oliver Allen

Bring your
creations to life.