About Us

We make films. And we reverse engineered from there.

Sparked from the imaginations and long hours in the studio, came Pulse - a merger of the creative mind of filmmaker Sam Kolder alongside the technical expertise of sound designer and producer Daut Berisha.

We examined the workflow and needs of other modern-day filmmakers and content creators to create a collection based on those exact needs.

We believe in quality over quantity, always. It’s how we got to where we are and it’s a core tenet to how we’ll keep going. Instead of making you sift through thousands of sounds or record and make sounds from scratch, we made an easy-to-use library of versatile and high-quality sounds that can quickly be added in for spice or layered together to truly elevate your film to its maximum potential.

We hope this library will help creatives around the world create freely and more powerfully than ever before.


Lots of love,

- Sam Kolder & Daut Berisha